About Me

Mia Bradbury Art.

I am an artist, living and working in Somerset with my family. 
I grew up by the sea and ever since have always had a love for natural places, untouched by man. Places where you can truly feel a connection with mother nature, and be at peaceful reflection with the universe.

I was a dreamy child, always off in a fantasy world!

Growing up, I spent much time outside at night, exploring magical places and watching the moon light the world as the stars twinkled above.. It was, and still is my favourite time of day. As the world slept, another one arose, of crisp air and magic!

I Have always been inspired by folklore and mythology, the pull of the moon, the rise and fall of the seasons and the turning of the stars. 
My paintings are a link to times past, a way of bringing the connection to the present and of honouring the land.



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